Collaborative projects may have quite a lot of advantages. When you create a group to collaborate in a project, the main idea is that each member of the group contributes something towards the process of developing and finishing whatever it should be created, as well as talking and negotiating with each member of the group in order to make agreements. However when teachers mix students to create groups they usually tend to choose hardworking students and lazy ones because they think the “good ones” can make the “lazy ones” work harder. My experience as a secondary teacher and as a mother of a teenager student makes me think this is wrong. Hardworking students use to work as hard as they usually do and lazy students use to think that the hardworking ones will make their part of the project, which is certainly true in most cases. When the work is not shared but the mark is, students who work usually feel frustrated and sad. Somebody has taken profit of them and their effort is not recognized. Each time I propose a collaborative project to my students I allow them to create the groups, to choose who they want to work with. It’s usually better than deciding on my own,they feel more confident and the projects look better.